Course Content

Blogart course content consists of seven days. Each day is divided into learning a new topic, and every day is discussed in detail with their respective videos along. Yet if you have any quires or doubts on any day of training, you can freely contact your assigned content manager.

DAY- 1

Day one is basically an introduction to the writing industry. What is the mechanism, and how does the writing industry works. 

A brief introduction will help you in understanding the work and challenges you will face in your future if you go into the same field. Also, with an introduction, we have discussed types of writing which are basically important as you will be aware of which type of writing you are more comfortable in.

DAY- 2

Day 2 is an explanation of How to make the Structure of an article. The structure is nothing but how you will be designing your article. Mostly in the freelancing world, the Client may ask the structure of the article before you make your final article as it helps the client to judge what is your design for the article and saves time if the article isn’t good to go. 

Day 2 of training will also explain the proper division of words and subheadings.

DAY- 3

Day 3 consists of grammar error dedication. It may seem simple to sound but once the article is ready, you can barely find your own mistakes. So how to find your own errors and correct them will be taught on this day. Additionally, how to write an article in a universal format. The formation of an article is a must, and the format we will teach you will be globally accepted. That means You can follow this format anywhere in the world. 

DAY- 4

Day 4 consists of teaching and revision of the format and some tips and tricks. This day will also consist of how to check plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the important aspects of any writing style. 1% OF PLAGIARISM is not even accepted in the article, except for any facts. 

DAY- 5

Day 5 consists of Keyword placements and how to make your blog SEO-friendly. Teaching keyword placements are highly important in the article as you cant place keywords anywhere in the article. Also, What is golden keyword ratio is also taught. Keywords make your blog SEO-friendly, and proper placement is required.

DAY- 6 & 7

Day 6 and 7 are great in detail discussion of client requirements. Fulfilling client requirements is a must, and every client’s requirement is different. To be the best freelancer, giving what the client needs will help you in retaining your client. Consistency of work will be maintained, and therefore you can be a demanding freelancer. On this day, what are types of requirements, how to fulfill them, and how to retain your business with your client will be taught.